Attention Summer Camp Directors!

Bonaparté's whimsical style of Magic will thrill your Campers and help create lasting memories for years to come.

Whether astonishing the crowd with his ever-popular Magic Concert or delighting the campers by engaging them in his Magic & More Workshop, one thing is certain…

Bonaparté is guaranteed to impress! Let's get specific...

​Bonaparté’s Magic Concert includes...

  • Amazing Magic
  • Hilarious age-appropriate comedy
  • Spontaneous interactive audience participation.

Plus the show features the dramatic appearance of Fluffy—the Adorable Fuzzy Bunny!

Your Campers will laugh and scream in delight. They will be in stitches from the beginning of the show until the end.

With the Bonaparté Magic & More
Workshop your Campers will learn to :

• Make items appear and disappear!
• Levitate small objects-as if by real Magic.
• Read minds and predict the future!

Your children will learn Amazing Magic and accompanying skills that Bonaparté includes in the Magic & More Workshops. 

Mastering these skills will :

  • Inspire confidence and raise self-esteem.
  • Enhance their comfort with Public Speaking.
  • Allow them to have fun while fooling and entertaining their family and friends!

Rave Comments From A
Summer Camp Director

5 Star Entertainment!!!

Hello Bonaparte’… your performance for our seventy children and youth of the B-Safe camp was simply amazing. The anticipation on your arrival in your splendid red suit kept building as you set up for the show. The children could hardly sit still.

As your performance progressed, you adapted to the older kids with card tricks, a burning book, a dove popping out of a balloon and, of course, the grand finale of a live rabbit appearing in a flaming pot! The kids went wild (as did the adults). Your humor was appropriate and funny even for the adult volunteers and everyone was fully engaged and fascinated during the entire performance.

We would like to thank you for a truly memorable afternoon. One little boy left saying "This was the best day of my whole LIFE!" You can't get a better review than that.

Bonaparte’ is the essence of entertainment!! He opens himself up to being able to connect with the kids which draws them in immediately and then 'works his magic' which is amazing and outstanding! I would absolutely recommend Bonaparte’ for children of all ages and for adults!

Jeanne Sullivan  
B-Safe Summer Camp
Medfield, MA

Bonaparte’ is all about Amazing Fun...

Bonaparte 'wowing' children with his Kids Magic Concert.

Amazed kids learning magic during the Magic Workshop

Great News!

The Best Summer Camp Enrichment Program just got even Better!

For 2017, Summer Camp Directors may access an Economy Busting Discount on either the Magic Concert or the Magic & More Workshop.

Plus... You can treat your campers to the ever popular...

Super Savings Combo Package!!!

...where Bonaparté offers a Whopping Discount for booking both his
Magic Concert and the Magic & More Workshop with
Amazing Magic, Fun-Filled Educational Enrichment, and Incredible Savings! 

This Is A Winning Combination!

Choose Your Discount Package!


Magic Concert Only

Program Length : 45 Minutes

The Standard Fee Is $850.00

However, Your Summer Camp Discount Fee Is...

Only $500.00


Super Savings Combo Package

Magic Concert Length : 45 Minutes

Magic & More Workshop : 1 Hour

The Standard Fee is $1350.00

However, Your Summer Camp Super-Savings Discount Fee Is Only...

 $850.00 for Both Programs!


Magic & More Workshop Only

Program Length : One Hour

The Standard Fee Is $500.00

However, Your Summer Camp Discount Fee Is...

Only $400.00

*Please Note - For the Platinum Package, the Concert and Workshop 
can be booked for the same day or two separate days—your choice!

Any questions, or need additional information? Please click here to email us.


Your Investment in this Entertainment Package is secure. Bonaparté offers an unconditional, 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee on all of his Magic Programs.

If the quality of his Magic does not meet or exceed your expectations—You Will Pay Nothing! The deposit that you submitted would be returned immediately.

This has never happened and NEVER WILL because Bonaparté and his qualified Team work diligently to ensure that every Program is top-notch and reflects Bonaparte’s commitment to excellence. Your campers WILL be thoroughly entertained by this Award-Winning Performer—and Bonaparté predicts that you will invite him back for future engagements.

Most of our business is derived from Repeat Customers and ‘Word of Mouth’ Referrals!

Frequently Asked Questions

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What if Bonaparte is not available on our preferred date for the magic program?

We have already scheduled entertainment for our summer camp. Is it possible to use the Super Savings Combo Package for a later date?

Important Note : Available dates for Summer Camp Enrichment Programs are extremely limited. We urge you contact us right now for your Super Savings Discount before all of the Performance Slots are taken.