Entertainment Consultation

Bonaparté is a Professional Entertainer who, over the years has dedicated his time, energy and career to producing countless successful celebrations—many of them Events for Children and Families.

His Entertainment Agency—‘Magic & More’ Productions features an impressive roster of talented Performers and Entertainment Vendors—including:

  • Other Magicians
  • Clowns
  • Jugglers
  • Face Painters
  • Balloon Sculptors
  • Yo-Yo Experts
  • Stilt-Walkers
  • Puppeteers
  • DJ's
  • MC's
  • Caricature Artists
  • Costumed Characters
  • And Much, Much More…!

As a registered Mom’s Club Member, he will be committed to assisting you in making informed and competent decisions as you plan your party—even if you are not booking his services at that time.

Therefore, either he or a Qualified Staff Member will make themselves available to help address questions you may have or to offer suggestions on how to proceed in your quest for quality Entertainment.

The complimentary Entertainment Consultation can include—but is not limited to :

We can offer suggestions for either stationary or roving entertainment for you celebration. Our staff can advise you of what type of entertainment is appropriate for various age-groups and how to ensure that your entertainment choices do not ‘head-bump’ with each other.

We can provide information on standard pricing and packaging in the Boston area—so that you will feel more confident in your decisions.
Example : If you feel that a quote or quotes you have received for an item of interest exceeds your budget, Bonaparté’s team may be able to offer you cost-saving solutions. Or…if the fee you are quoted seems too low to be legitimate—they can advise you on steps to take to ensure that you do not suffer a ‘Too Good to be True’ scenario that results in ‘Buyer’s Remorse.’

We can provide a list of Party Venues in many areas of Boston and surrounding communities. One of the number one questions we are asked is ‘Bonaparté, do you know of a good place in my town to host the party? Bonaparté has had the pleasure of performing in many of the spaces—so he can speak competently about whether it may work for your celebration.

Questions such as ‘Which should go first the Puppet Show or the Cake and Ice Cream?’ are common. Or, ‘Is it O.K. for the Kids to eat snacks during the Magic Show?’ These and other similar questions can be addressed by our experts.

It’s All About the Details :
Every event has its own unique personality and those personality traits can at times either help or hinder your efforts for a successful Celebration. 

Bonaparté and his team have a wealth of knowledge gained from years of experience from assisting in coordinating Events and Entertainment. 

We are familiar with how slight subtleties and nuances can affect the overall ‘feel’ and success of your Party. 

We may not have ‘Seen It All’ but we have certainly seen enough to help avoid some of the obstacles and pitfalls that are commonly experienced—but often difficult to predict. 

We will be happy to review an outline of your Party Plans and offer suggestions that will minimize the risks of getting blind-sided by an unexpected issue.

QUESTION : ‘How does it work…
How do we get our complimentary Entertainment Consultation?

In many cases, we can address your questions via the Internet. In fact, in most circumstances for your convenience, you can have questions asked and answered using an Interactive set of drop-down boxes.

However, we understand that sometimes you really need to either Chat, Send/Receive emails or speak directly to a live person.

All of these options are available—however, there may be a 1-2 day response time if you need direct access. Of course, we are eager to assist you—but we do need sleep as well. 🙂

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